UPDATE: Vote For P!nk In This Week's Sophie's Challenge

UPDATE: Vote For P!nk In This Week's Sophie's Challenge

P!nk has won in Sophie's challenge yet again, and she is now in the "Hall of Champions"! Lets keep it going. This week on Sophie@103.7, "Glitter In The Air" is now up against Sons of Sylvia's "Love Left To Lose". Lets make sure she wins this one too guys. Click the updated link below to vote.
Click here to vote for P!nk in this week's "Sophie's Challenge"

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skittlez1997 4 years ago

P!nk enjoys partys, but she also describes in some of her songs that partys are not the only thing in life. i like her sense of humor soooo much:) I think more people should get to know about this wonderful person, she needs to be more known in da states. all people should know about her and her amazing work!!

ur truely, $kittlez

Sticky Feet 122 4 years ago

I love that P!nk has stayed to her roots! Her videos are so funny! I bet she would do really good in a comedy movie! I am also glad to hear that her & Carey Hart are trying to work out thier marriage! I have been w/ my husband almost 14 years! We have had our share of problems, but I am lost w/ out him!