Watch P!nk on the AMAs!

Watch P!nk on the AMAs!

P!nk will be performing this Sunday, 11/21, on the American Music Awards! Get ready and set your DVRs for 8pm on ABC. Make sure you tune in for another spectacular P!nk performance!

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LadyDi 4 years ago

I was there - it was awesome - and P!nks performance was def the best one of the night. Twas kinda short for a P!nk concert - but was def worth the trip Smiling I'm very thankful for all the trips I have been on the past 1 1/2 years and all the people & great friends I got to meet on my journeys - and all thanks to P!nk Smiling who I just absolutely adore Smiling
Congrats P!nk & Carey on the baby! So very happy for you both! You two will be perfect parents Smiling
And I really hope the baby says mama like by 6 mos - that way we wont have to wait too long for another tour Smiling

I hope I don't end up in jail, but then again I don't really care!

Jennalynnd 4 years ago

I am just watching the AMA's recorded on my DVR and I have to say P!NK killed it! The BEST performance of the night! What a brilliant artist and amazing person. The world needs more people like her; a good role model and someone who speaks the TRUTH! Thank goodness she is having a baby, she needs to pass her message on! Congratulations P!NK- thank you for doing what you do.