Welcome to the new Pinkspage.com!

Welcome to the new Pinkspage.com!

We’re very excited to welcome you to the brand new Pinkspage.com! Pinkspage.com is your source for all things P!nk – news, photos & videos, music and more! It’s a place for the best fans ever (YOU!) to talk about your favorite artist.

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lcuzman 3 years ago

Love you, pink. Did you have your baby yet? Good Luck to both of you. I'm watching my two year old granddaughter, Alyssa, while her mother is at the hospital giving birth to my new grandson. As I'm sure your mom is waiting too. Love your music.....So does my Alyssa.

pattyhartig 3 years ago

Hey Ms. Pink...how come the page has your black text over a black background? Now I am an old lady comput SPAZ...but I recently discovered your music on the Funhouse concert. Now I am a rockin', drivin'fool. Thanks Patti