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P!nk Joins the View

P!nk sits down with the ladies at The View...
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Catch three more videos of The Truth About Love track by track commentary. This time P!nk opens up about “Slut Like You”, “The Truth About Love” and “Beam Me Up”!

Check it out below!

"Slut Like You"

"The Truth About Love"

"Beam Me Up"

Dudes! Dudettes!

Seriously, I cannot thank you enough for the insane support and love that you've been throwing at me. It's like you just slapped me across the face with a big love slap and I have hand marks to prove it!

Thank you for getting the album, for digging it, for watching all the new shows, and for coming to see me on tour - I can't wait to see all of you! I hope you all are feeling happy about the new music. If anyone doesn't like Kanye you should buy two more albums - just kidding :)
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