Hi P!nk!

Here is my story.
I've met a girl and I like her a lot. She is beautiful, smart and she has that something what makes me think about her everyday. I work a lot so I don't have much time to get close to her heart.
What I already know about her is that she is your fan. I was thinking what can I give her for christmas and I came up with your album but I'm a guy who like to do something more for a girl especially such a lovely one as her. I wish to give her also your autograph with the album. I have found some website where I can make an order for it ? or smth like that ? But there I saw "response 3+ moths". I think You get the picture Smiling So please just answer me on my e-mail or here is there such an possibility for sending me an autograph ? I know all the reasons why You or other people could say that I'm dreaming right now but in my country they say "Who asks, don't get lost". Thank You for reading this Smiling

I like your music also Smiling Have a nice day Smiling

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