P!nk Comes To Ireland and Is a FABULOUS Success!!

P!nk Comes To Ireland and Is a FABULOUS Success!!

If you missed any of the P!nk live dates in Ireland last weekend, you really did miss out on what we think is by far her best show to date.

And Ireland agrees! Check out some of the press clippings below of her time in the Emerald Isle...


The Daily Mail


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megan thompson 4 years ago

hi pink im a 13 years old today i went to your funhouse summer canival tour in the rds and loved it you helped me more than you think i got bulled last year im not the tallest skiniest or prettiest girl but i turn too your music told the girl 'shes a tool and too f*** off' i now have been working out to the funhouse album i went down 4 sizes i went from 12 too 8 so happy its my birthday to day and was wondering if i could get a signed picture to your bigest fan i love you so much!................

kennbyrnepinkfan19 4 years ago

Absolutely AMAZING. If you missed it, you missed the best concert ever !!!!!!!!