P!nk Comes To Ireland and Is a FABULOUS Success!!

P!nk Comes To Ireland and Is a FABULOUS Success!!

If you missed any of the P!nk live dates in Ireland last weekend, you really did miss out on what we think is by far her best show to date.

And Ireland agrees! Check out some of the press clippings below of her time in the Emerald Isle...


The Daily Mail


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rogue devil 4 years ago

absolutely fantastic night for me and my friend. She outdid last year's gig and cant wait to see her come back and perform next year and im looking forward to the new album

Meabh Litton 4 years ago

its hard to put into simple yet magnified words the great hights this woman can reach. I went to see her perform the other week in dublin with my sisters and i was left speachless.... which il let you know ....is hard!!! With her grand entrance from the sky i stood shaking from the inside out....and remained that way until the very end and the credits rolled. Ive been such an adored fan of this beautifull and amazingly talented girl since i first saw There You Go on MTV. Ive found Peace, Strength, empowerment, patience, love, admeration & joy in the words of her music ...not to mention sore ass feet from dancing my irish but off at every chance.Pink you never stop amazing me and i pray you never do. Thank you for the music you beautiful star & thank you for being REAL woman in this material world. Much much Love , Respect & the time to show you greatness. Meabh Litton x
PS: another thanks ....for opening my eyes to butch walker & the black widows....WOWZA xxx