P!nk: Greatest Hits...So Far!!!

Greatest Hits...So Far!!!

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sharyn68 3 years ago

Great Album. I love you!

cazza64 3 years ago

absolutly brilliant album,i have everyone of her albums and ive seen her live twice,i think shes brilliant and no matter what im doin,if one of her songs cum on the radio,i gotta stop to listen !!!! nobody is even close to how good she is and her shows are awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gemzie94 3 years ago

I have every single P!nk album but this one is definatley my favorite, i got it for christmas and I put it on in the kitching first thing in the morning while me and my family cooked christmas dinner and everyone sang along, even my nan started singing 'So what' xD

Gemz!e Evil

K4therine 3 years ago

Absolutely love this album.
Love P!nk sooo much! Smiling

mandarabe 3 years ago

The best "Greatest Hits" album ever! Shame you missed off some great songs like Glitter but I guess there's only so much room on one cd... Smiling

Only one itsy bitsy problem with the album - WHERE DO I GET A CLEAN VERSION!?!?!??? Shocked

My 4&6 yr old neices are constantly "borrowing" my ipod to listen to P!nk and i gotta keep editing it if there's a chance I see them! As fun as it is to see them jumping up and down, dancing and singing to "So What" and "Funhouse", I tend to get some funny looks from the parents when the occasional expletive comes along - lord knows what they'll do if the girls find "****** Perfect" on my Ipod! Evil
I have seriously considered giving them a copy of the normal version and saying "to hell with the consequences", but would like to live long enough to see P!nk in concert again!

P!nk keeps getting better with every album, and is truely amazing to see live in concert - "I'm Not Dead" tour was great and Funhouse was so AMAZING I went twice and wished I could go again! Smiling

All in all, an amazing artist who in my opinion has surpassed Madonna at her best - as a devoted and life-long Madonna fan I hereby wave goodbye to the Princess of Pop and pronounce P!nk to be the new Goddess of Music!