P!nk: Greatest Hits...So Far!!!

Greatest Hits...So Far!!!

Reviews for this Album

Raiseyaglass 3 years ago

Gotta say I LOVE this album, all the classics of pink with a few new ones put on here too!
Track 18' is deffo the best on there Eye-wink

lauramay 3 years ago

The best christmas present EVER .

SammyB2010 3 years ago

I am gonna get this album as soon as possible coz it comes with a dvd of the FABULOUS Pink herself but it has some of my all time fave songs of her's and some ones that i have never heard before.
I am glad it is titled Greatest Hits So Far because to me that means we have not seen the best of Pink yet.

Breathe.Da.Beat 3 years ago

jus found out gettin this 4 xmas, but brought it 1st day it came out, oh well, my kitchen's got its own copy now lol... fookin ace


pinksno001fan 4 years ago

Roll on the 15th Nov 2010 P!nks greatest hits so far 4 days to go not that i'm counting them down or anything lol love you P!nk