P!nk: Greatest Hits...So Far!!!

Greatest Hits...So Far!!!

Reviews for this Album

Claude Saucier 2 years ago

it s the best by the best ,silly me i d ont even know why i make comments cause its always positive when its about pink ,what can i say i just love the girl.

pink is my idol 2 years ago

i have this album pink is a great artist, puting all of her greatest hits into one album is terific. some of the songs i never even heard of and know theyre my faves KEEP ROCKIN OUT PINK!!!!!!!!


stripeddancer 3 years ago

P!nk has taken some of her best songs throughout her last 10 years and put them all into the best compilation I've ever heard in my life. She has taken her life's vulnerabilities, her abilities to just rock out and have fun, and the bravery to tell off her husband in this CD. She also has 2 new songs for this ablum: Raise Your Glass and f***in' Perfect. f***in' Perfect is a tearjerker song that tells us how we always get down on ourselves and there are little voices in our heads that tend to hate us. Five out of five stars for this album. She has a great future up ahead.

Imperfect-Princess 4 years ago

This album is just absolutely amazing in every single way.

Pink has a way of connecting to each person in this world in one way or another, through at least one of her songs!

Her songs are just excellent to listen to! Love every moment of it!!

Pinkmaddy 4 years ago

I absolutely LOVE F**kin' Perfect Pink. I have dedicated it to my own baby girl who is 4 years old. I am certainly not perfect myself.... but WHO THE HELL IS??? Screw'em!

All the power to those who do what they want, say what they mean, and act how they feel.

I love you baby girl. Never let anyone get in your way.