moved back to virginia in 2000. eventualy found myself in manassas. worked as a cook in both sharp shooters pool hall & mikes diner open 24/7. while at mikes an old school mate came up to coffee counter. looking at him & seeing myself i couldnt help but wonder why it was i didnt look like that. wandering around now with all that goes through my brain i feel like a walking piece of led or concrete energy wise as what others may consider fun i have this auto mode that seems to connect dots rather than accept face value. memory of younger years compared to now it just does not make sense what is happening around me most of the time but i keep doing what i am doing. mfc for conversations that some get filed. tv on as watching computer & tv talk to each other. read twitter & feel like i am drifting on some conveyor belt. dad wrote graphics instruction books while at lowery before transfering to pentagon. thought at times is this is some kind of instruction book of sorts i am typing with notes, pics & such. just strange how technology has changed through the years Smiling