Hi Allane,welcome here Eye-wink
Hi Kasper Eye-wink
Save my life is 1 of my fav P!nk songs and I also spent a lot of time searching for a video with better quality some time ago -as the studio version isn't available here...i wasn't very successful either Sad
haha "send me an angel" reminds me of teenage days, all girls loved that song Laughing out loud
and I like Alphaville too Eye-wink
but I haven't looked at the videos yet, I'm just watching "Avatar" in TV, I'm just glad that I didn't spend money for that movie in cinema,there r better films Sticking out tongue Happy feet is also on TV 2day btw Eye-wink

+++I don't feel like coming down, no I don't
I don't feel like hiding out, so I won't
I can't turn the volume down, so I sit here in this
Chaos and piss ++++