So, hey peeps! Just Bre checkin' in here!!! Been busy, but that's the story. That's always the story...with me. Graduating on the 20th of this month from University. At last. Then the job hunt officially/crapishly begins. Sticking out tongue

Happy that Pink sent that note in April. She's on the June 2012 cover of Cosmopolitan ( for the second time) here in the states. Gorgeous glam mama as ever. Cute pic of her with Willow on the beach inside.

Can't wait for the new record to land!!!!! Pink's also out in a movie this year. People already know about that, I'm guessing, so I must be reciting old news.

Does anyone here think that Cosmopolitan is the equivalent of Playboy magazine = only for women?

The whole mag, (with the exception of our lady) is just dudes in nude, and sex, sex, sex. Wonder why we are so dang focused on it...when we females rarely reach that place when doing it. Just sayin'.

Oh, well. I only got the mag for Alecia. The rest is absolute hogwash.

Anyhow, greetings and <3 from the USA!!!


love is the rhythm/ you are the music/ you get what you're given/ it's all how you use it....