Hey fellow P!nkian's. It seems like forever that i've been on here. Things have been so quiete on the P!NK front. Hopefully now that the new album is coming out and a tour starts, we will all be on here chatting again. We need to bring PP back to life. Would be great to see the gang all back here. So, what are everyone's plans once a tour starts, Di, I know what your plans are and Inda (hopefully) Smiling. Anyone going to travel to other countries. I'll be sticking around here and I may even be studying to get into the police force next year (I'm hoping), my application is in. If that's the case, I might only be seeing a couple of shows. I'll get to see her in Sydney and I may also get to Melbourne and Canberra to see her as well if I can work it around my studies.

P!nk's Aussie Hoe