Ok. I've been away for a while, and on The Official Pink Boards for a time. But here I am, back again. "I know ya'll missed me...." Sorta.

Yes, Blow Me sounded so much like So What, that I sort of sighed when I heard it. The video for Blow Me is better, and makes the song thus easier to listen to, at least for moi.

The b-side for Blow Me, is a track called The King is Dead But The Queen Is Alive. It is probably not as accessible to people who don't listen to Pink on a regular basis. Hence, why Blow Me was chosen over it as the first single. But The King is the better song: vocally, rhythmically, and in Pinkitude.

Um. Some stuff on the new album, I think you guys deserve to know.... There are actually nineteen songs on The Truth About Love album. I would go for the Deluxe Album if you can get it, because it will have seventeen of the nineteen tracks. The last two extra tracks have to be downloaded online ( from itunes or somewhere).

Two extra tracks Pink wrote for Cher, are not on the album, and these songs will take some hunting for.

Pink is doing a lot more collaborations this time around: on one song she sings with Lily Allen; on another, she sings with Nate Ruess, frontman of the band, Fun; on another track, she sings with Eminem, an agreement they both arranged when she sang on his song, Don't Back Down.

Just spreading the word to ya guys!! I know the Official Boards can be a hard place to gain membership ( don't know what is up with that *eyeroll* ), but I am friendly on both forums Eye-wink ;), and I stay blackrosefore/ Bre on either one. I will not cease being me. Sticking out tongue

Pink is getting lots of good press these days, and anticipation for The Truth About Love album is high. Many warm Pink thoughts to you all, much wuv!


love is the rhythm/ you are the music/ you get what you're given/ it's all how you use it....