Me, P!nk & Chloe

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Cheeky1 7 years ago

u guys r sooo lucky
i wish i could meet her

Turtle_neck27 7 years ago

aw mi names chloe i so wish i was that chloe thou lol nice pic

Greentree Frog =)

JuneMarie2 7 years ago

if it was me an my mate r gutted we never stayd over to meet her great pic!!

PinkChick 7 years ago

Woo! thats a really gd pic guys....lovin the sunnies lol!

I'll do what i want Cuz I Can!

MiSs.P x x x <3
EmBrAcE ThE FrEaK YoU ArE....

pink_rules07 7 years ago

how on earth did u get so close 2 he im so jealous ov u both... wish i woz u. i so love pink she roxx