found a couple one referrence encyclopedias put out by penguin and eith chambers or chandler. seems the one i had has been discontinued. there was a one refference book on farming but that add seems to have disappeared.

one would think that if one is going to listen in on text messages and phone calls that you would know by now that i am more direct when discussing sex and have been aware of the pushing that has been going on for some time.

it will be strange when the real thing occurs and here i am thinkingits some test or script.

gee, thanks for nothing. you know there is a police substation around the corner that can pick me up at any time if you really want to go there, right?

what a trip this has been.

idol is on again already? damn time flies.

Laughing out loud

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staying up late last night i got the top model reruns of 04. looking around toyo it remind me a bit of long beach with as clean as it appears in alot of the video. reading and watching michners shogun and enjoying memoirs of a geisha the culture has fasinated me for some time.

what was that presidential word you used? new word i guess. does make a person wonder as to just how many channels ones strip club antics can actualy make it to. dont remember a merit badge in scouts but photography sounds interresting. dad tookmsome wonderful pictures while camping in colorado. something else i use to go digging in the clossett for was his old camera.

started on jane eyre as suggested. didnt get to far with bridget jones on though.

Laughing out loud

sitting infront of a computer looking at an empty screen. waiting for thoughts to type. walking around to empty buildings, seeing the technology and witnessing the human behaviors taking place around me.

memories of my first trip out here to los angeles. living in the hollywood hostel across the street from where the kodiac theater is now as it was being built. listening to the songs of the time like believe or ray of light as the themes of patiance and one world continue to this day.

looking at the roots it seems not much has really changed. finding different ways to express the same things.

something to think of the first job when moving here, a lighting gig setting up for a boxing match in palm springs. who could have guessed where i would have been taken from there.

the things that seem to come and go and others that seem to linger.

conversations between my head and the writers for the faces on various screens.

what will it be like if it continues to go this route i wonder? starship earth? tron? and what of "universal?

to be at a desk continualy documenting as history comes and goes.

Laughing out loud

recently watched the last half of chapter 27. wonder how much radio has to play in situations such as this historicly?

between that and bobby i wonder if pippi is going to be typecast as a bio girl?

Laughing out loud

the conveyor belt continues.

moody teaching me about gps tooth and press interaction, thanks. past seen on reoccuring basis as scientology classes and triggers come to mind in this extensive opra.

first girlfriend felt sex was only way to express love do to rape incest. had my own experience with rape. coworker at nissan gets me into between lines and posting. triggers pushed by supposed family and others...........

billboard near where i live once talked about how people who work porn and/or prostitution experienced rape/incest.


sleepless not harry. i get it.

someone doesnt have apartment camera access. been up since around 8. nothing like being in the restroom when the phone rings and no one leaves a message. usual.

spin. reading e=mc2. havent stopped by in some time. yet more interresting clues and signs. more relaxed with instrumental music than loud and heavy. Laughing out loud

beer and fair. why am i not surprised. ask a guy about his gig and he acts insecure and what should i expect. wonder what my files look like nowadays? all the different people one person has to be at times.

wonder if i can use the old 3d glasses on the new movie coming out? not much different i would think.

setting up for the awards out here which means more people of course.

something walking around here when its quiet.

Laughing out loud

go window shopping for different music and movies and find myself pleasantly amused by what i think is pretty security.


Laughing out loud

been awhile since watching the "V" movie. need to check that one out again.

Laughing out loud

mr rogers, mr robinson...... these are the people in the nieghborhood.

stopping by the russian orthodox church listed for my new polling place i read a paper talking about their financial woes as well as walking back out i see the free preschool classes with the pyramid steps. popular sign it seems.

not far is a dream center assocoated with scientology it seems as it has a neighbor www.hopeforhomelessyouth.org that also has transsexual prostitution counseling groups.

rc people, good and bad working the same street, cameras and microphones everywhere.......

cant help but wonder.

seen "push" yet? another dvd to buy. getting duchess on pay per view later. loved that one.

Laughing out loud

taking husband to strip club and paying for appearances. going myself and seeing the conditioning. go up to the stage as others follow throwing bills. show interrest as others jump. show feeling as the act gets repeated, constant button pushing.

the things that can happen in a room or building one moment only to disappear the next like it never existed. reoccuring like virginia following me around.

reasons for everything.

booklight on the way if they ever come back.

Laughing out loud

watch as they cut to live press conference only to be cut off a few words into the opening statment by comercials. huh?


watching underground cities on history channel i see where the city had a subway around the 1930s before the car industry bought it out hence the smog around here. that and the underground speakeasys were interresting to hear about.

covert? thats funny. shortly after i started posting while in virginia i started noticing comics in the washington post and covers on tabloid magazines i could directly relate to. thinking coincidance at first i didnt think much of it but after awhile its kinda hard to chalk it up to coincidance. that and having a coworker act out like christina at nissan and a reporter come up on the loading dock and make a comment about how even courtney love has been turned down. whatever.

food, sometimes. sleep, occasionaly. sex? thats where you get rid of that rubber cement stuff right? thought people had those organs removed so as to not ruin their pretty suits? who knows, whatever.

registered when i went to vote for a president and changed address from florida to here in california. come to find in the mail yesterday that my new polling place is a russian orthodox church. how interresting this continues to be. Laughing out loud

i got to get a copy of stop making sense on dvd at some point.

Laughing out loud

names and faces changing like clothes on a regular basis. some can even change other things on a regular basis. all part of the job.

karima i met at the first club as she stayed about a month and dessurey stayed a night after dating a security guard who pushed his way into my apartment and got into a heated talk about obama. same night cynthia made negative implications about mom. quite the security with dess.

tests tests and more tests.......

syd barrett and now richard wright. last pink floyd performance i know of is live 8.


last justin project was 06, new nick project coming out, lots of boyband stuff resurfacing as of late. still waiting for musical youth, "pass the dutchee".

what ever happend to the band living color i wonder?

Laughing out loud

going to a sparks game walking around the venue seeing what i could see. fleetwood mac picture in the corner behind a snack cart, madonna picture looking out a glass wall over the stone benches and trees outside below. sure enough people follow me to sit behind and talk gibberish but thats just about anywhere. script stuff everywhere based on cause and effect like the essence thing already discussed.

like a vampire theater perfomance this one. going to the train station to hear about the pantages kennedy pringles case. watching latex people making sounds but typical doesnt concern with reality. beatles and stones are 2 seperate enteties but similar in many ways.

one gets to giggling but still misses as well. acting out history once again but will it repeat?

go ahead and keep up with your farm. i will listen to the doctor as i can see the bugs all to well. bet you burn out before i do.

Laughing out loud

wandering around yesterday got me finding sneakers and firefox on dvd and sneaking in at 43 for my malt before 44 got his to go. walking around if everyone assumes that the crowds are on payroll than one stops really listening or paying attention.

watching what is suppsed to be live gets me wondering just where the sun is coming from as i see clouds. just a few miles away can see the skylights as last year i recall the fence around the entire venue. the of course there was the prerecorded sign as the event started, no talking to the tv this time i guess. still something to look around and not being there still thinking work.

today wake up and the cameras are there taking what they need to fill the space. listening it would seem the main mic is fine as the others sound weird but who am i to say, perhaps that is deliberate.

people wondering around me acting and talking on someone elses behalf atleast thats how this picture is looking so far. a constant teleprompter thing going here.

the things that can occur in a room one moment to the next.

Laughing out loud

people work hard for a check but others have ideas as to what to do with others checks. numbers and ious. wether yours or someone elses, is it quality or quantity? is it immediate or is there much planning involved? how many different directions are going the same way?

technology and spirits talking to the brain. explanations medicaly and psychologicly as it comes to health, so many different ways to express but expression none the less.

come so far but just where are we going?

giddy is hard to overcome when first goal is reached. i guess hardness like royal behavior comes with time and practice.

surrounded in a box, lonely in a crowd. everyone wants but few want to give back. hard to offer anything if not fed.

groups working groups individual by individual.

unload trucks, pick spots and do rigging, run feeder cable and put truss together, lift truss put lights on and run cable, stack speakers and run more cable, work amps and dimmers, assemble monitor foh and lighting areas, work risers backdrops and videoscreens.........

rotate food, check temps, prep, clean and sanitize, check appearances and stock.........

check commision items, ask open ended questions, check maintnance/repair items, look at hours/figures and orders etc......

fertilizer, water, sunlight, patiance.......

materials, checking the conveyor belts as items get put together piece by piece.......

just like clockwork.

Laughing out loud

smart people become sneaky and annoying than G OO F Y sounds appropriate to me. but thats all in the past just as F U SS is, right?

instigation and just what people are asking for and those not aware.

Laughing out loud

if i am reading this correctly beer was bourn in new york therefore is not around here.

once again, quite the mind games i must say. from sitting on a curb getting water from a bass player to watching a movie with mom to being chased out at nissan to the interresting mind play currently occuring.


Laughing out loud

one thing to have a village or two on your mind while hanging out in the cave but the whole globe, one would think there to be a soft spot somewhere. enough main course and desert is always decent. beginning to think you like her there jed. pretty and a voice to boot.

Laughing out loud

1408 on showtime.

organ moved? didnt know that, thanks.

what a trip this is. thanks.

Laughing out loud

interresting what happens when people learn a system, put people in the right places and lead in a direction.

something to step back and look out the window sometimes.

Laughing out loud

on a regular basis decisions are made. people who were not personalities suddenly appear in spotlights day in and day out. cd and video stores are filled with various faces that have come and gone. somewhere groups of people with airspace to fill work with "faces" and next thing you know your an influence. so with the flip of a switch there you have it.

yes, its that simple. one minute i am a wallflower, the next, groups are doing there thing pushing pulling etc and with the flip of a lever i am back to obscurity.

again. its all how you look at it.

Laughing out loud


what a place to be reminded of that one.


at some point someone thought that written ious were easier than carrying stuff and through time people started thinking that these ious held more value than the stuff they get with them.

thoughts come up as to learning for sale but knowledge is always free given experience or passed from one to another. there is no paper or contract to this and the thought of one person selling a piece of paper seems more like a symbol than anything else because the larger group will continue no matter what person hold a piece of paper. some things just cant be bought or sold, period.

work is always there but thats where motivation comes in. learning is always there but there is a thought that the more you pay the better the knowledge which is not accurate as well. so many things already there but its a matter of keeping them maintained as the knowledge spreads to other so they also might be able to care for themselves.

paper, numbers........ seems like extra on top of what is fundamental already. clothes, food, shelter, health......

humans are humans everywhere and its what is learned and awareness of themselves and whats around that seems to make the difference. so many titles and divisions yet there are more similarities than you might think.

interresting what happens when your able to walk up to a computer and know that you can communicate anywhere as apposed to when communication took time and was limited.

what i know is out there and i am no different though it would seem there are those trying to tell me otherwise.


Laughing out loud

dork, silly, weird......

if i am misunderstanding something than i am open for correction. something to have an impression that even the girl i had a 3 year relationship with that had pms and was pregnant was a boy. like i said, if i am misunderstanding than i am all ears. quite the mind thing going here i must admit.

Laughing out loud

word association and ink blots. different meanings to different people but the only one who knows is the one who is expressing it. basic signal flow. starts one place and travels to another. something to have a gps for just about anything nowadays. guess this means i dont get comments about having to burn my laundry anymore.

Laughing out loud

isnt it something when talking to yourself is a conversation between others elsewhere?

Laughing out loud

in a country that makes machines that consume such large amounts of fuel is it any wonder. but there is more than machines and fuel to think about.

so much on computers nowadays.

Laughing out loud

something to just be a human being isnt it.

caustichensy, is that another culinary term? oh brother. i wonder how packed dennys is right now? free food from 6am to 2pm. someone is busy i bet.

www.toursupport.net and www.pollstar.com still working.

Laughing out loud

doing a google search i found it-


hope this helps.

Laughing out loud

isnt hud short for housing and urban development?

do i like tara? yes, i can feel that.

american beauty on goofy. thoughts of train crossroads.


"some pig"

Laughing out loud

from bladerunner to sherlock with electric acid in between. football has changed through the years. how is nils nowadays? been to the birchmere lately?

anastasia trials on a regular basis..........

call who? say what? yes da.

red scales. warm and pretty.

not technology but how its used. camera where? heard that one before.

still something when grandma knows EVERYTHING. feeling depressed.

all the things that happen between 99 and now and not much has really been said.

quite the school here.

not just ingrediants and temps go into food. sure is a difference between fast food and culinary.

midgets everywhere but the original isnt anywhere to be seen.

sorry eliska.t@hotmail.com

Ela God Is a DJ

Hi pink hobbit,

how I can see last time does your post yours forum only... sorry I wont be sarcastic.... I knowing you some time of our page... a bit of topic... I dont know why, but I love U.S. especially California and L.A. most of all ... I just would like say hello to you... hope you are doing well and if you want to talk to no problem ... my email does eliska.t@otmail.com

bye Ela

Ela God Is a DJ

being fired from hell does give one more time to do things like finding that lost copacabana muppet show episode.bet i wont get ice cream delivered, i will remember to stay off the sidewalks Laughing out loud

couples working things out and getting back together, isnt that so romantic? atleast someone is getting some(laughing).

tuesday afternoon coming soon. how long did you say it will take to close guantanimo again?

Laughing out loud

all the things one can think about when not distracted by other stuff.

robert johnson seems to have a few gravesites from the looks of it.

ashes to ashes.

chemical makeup of dirt in different areas and why things grow or not in different areas. education, right or wrong information, self and group awareness. industrial capabilities and why certain areas are in comparison to others ane the different perceptions. how community colleges can be used in so many different ways...........

the things one can think about and the many different layers.

some want the job but dont want to work while others do the work but care less about the job title.

have i mentioned how weird it is to talk to my tv lately? just checking.

Laughing out loud

miami superbowl act? how about cale doing cocaine?

i guess for those with a sex life its funny to observe the others who participate in science experiments and dont think of clubs, channels or books. it is something to think though about how from boxers to football players and on that sex isnt happening til after their job is done given the chemical boost with the way the body is wired and all. still is something to think about the funny faces and sound effects though isnt it.

Laughing out loud

sex is fun? i thought it was a guantanimo tactic.

Laughing out loud

8033 near the shop, wonder if she still does political chats after jazz club poetry reading. coolworld therapy.

garp wrestling and ring wrestling are diffeent though both stress relievers i would think. cant help but think moonlighting but given what has been typed i think you understand. thanks.

premonition interresting, would be decent with 1408.

Laughing out loud

gas station to now and to think just how far ahead this was thought out before.

dont take a dump without a plan comes to mind.

Laughing out loud

around 8 am- wake up and have all kinds of sarcastic intstigations going through my head, going between tired and energetic. logic- how many have i really met or know? how many script writers have access to personal info and can write triggers into scripts? so why should i be thinking so negatively about someone i dont know?

marrisa comes to nissan acting like christina, working patriot pat who looks like bill(double wammy) disappears while at one point negative sex history is played on as led to grandmas, grandma visit is weird while typing kingz, get to l.a. and have room mate who is next door neighbor making sure of certain viewing or messages supposedly delivered.

possability of fx makeup, possability of signal/info flow, info on head radio read in psych museum..........

i am one and there sure are alot of people working in this school project. sure is a 24 hour a day gig with no breaks, huh.

posative energy with the right button pushing turns negative with the radio control used corectly.

not hard to see where this could have gone historicly.

not the technology but how its used and who is using it.

package? like the iron statue? guess know one talked to you about pats trip to my place with anne to screw me not once but twice before taking off or that she has not one but two boys supposedly by him and if one really got technical just how long semon lingers in the womb and how close a sperm clinic in fairfax is to where i lived in woodbridge at the time.

after she got away from pat she let me nap on her parents bed, visited me at gators billiards and play with the boys but never let me get close. given the trama is it any wonder.

should i go to drawing a picture you cant pronounce now since this isnt about me but who i am supposedly related to given i have only two parents that actualy raised me?

Laughing out loud

have a nice life and enjoy your reinactments.


one side is stiff and ridged while the other feels it can change skins, do lines and disco its way through life.

one lives through siberia or a concentration camp is it any wonder they need the happyest place while trying to convince people that the technology isnt such an out of this world thing.

dont you just love tom sawyer?

reasons for everything.

Laughing out loud

once upon a time, repetative democrat story but its their roller coaster for this round. waves of many forms and fashions. legal /illegal drugs, hedro and/or homo, trends of many kinds to choose from all to be documented through time.

think i will watch kinsey later.

diabetes and meth or coke does not blend from experience and sex would be a joke considering the lack of excersize and the hands still being the way they are.

past decades of memories and the groups surrounding to make certain of things.

i'll pass.