Pink: I'm Not Dead

I'm Not Dead

Released: 2006
Song Title Lyrics Price Buy It
1 Play Track Stupid Girls Stupid Girls Video
2 Play Track Who Knew Who Knew Video
3 Play Track Long Way To Happy
4 Play Track Nobody Knows Nobody Knows Video
5 Play Track Dear Mr. President
6 Play Track I’m Not Dead
7 Play Track ‘Cuz I Can
8 Play Track Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)
9 Play Track U + Ur Hand U + Ur Hand Video
10 Play Track Runaway
11 Play Track The One That Got Away
12 Play Track I Got Money Now
13 Play Track Conversations With My 13-Year-Old Self
14 Play Track I Have Seen The Rain (Featuring James T. Moore)

Reviews for this Album

PinkHR 2 years ago

I really like this album cause there's a good balance of the quiet songs and the loud songs. All the songs on it are really catchy and they were stuck in my head for weeks afterwards! I got it a year ago and it's still my favourite! Smiling