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Pinkfreakk 6 years ago

this is SO AWESOME!!!!

NinxPinkness 7 years ago

I Loveee this.<3 Where did u get those?!?!! Wanna have 'em!!!!!=D

Pink is my star.*<3

Quiet scares me cuz it screams the truth.

PinkChick 7 years ago

Wowies and i thought i had alot of pics on my wall...well i do lol! you hav to upload them on ya profile..click edit and then browse and then a suitable pic =) easy peasy heehee! P!Nk posters...hmmm well if you go to a concert the wld hav em ther or her website order 1 or shops!! i hav two biggies in my room!! Hope you find 1 ok!
I'll do what i want Cuz I Can!

MiSs.P x x x <3
EmBrAcE ThE FrEaK YoU ArE....

AleciaMooreRulez 7 years ago

Can any one tell me where i can get p!nk posters? ive looked everywhere! Also, how can i get a pic of p!nk on my profile on here?

Stand up 4 animal rights. p!nk roxx Wwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooottttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"And y'all thought p!nk didn't know what she was doin' ... she's a self contained unit!"
'nuff said.