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pink aussie 3 years ago

You're amazing!!

So what? I'm still a rock star ♥

Dmitry Ruseckiy 4 years ago

Слыхал я уже, слыхал у себя как Ваши придумали на пластиковой карте сохранять информацию с компьютера, от утери. О русском твоём парне кто позаботился ?

Мисс Мурр! Пологаю в США позабыли единственный естественный способ выведения TATOO, он выводит даже шлаки из организма, а Русский парень в отличии от амереканских помнит его и рекомендует тебе начинать прибегать к нему сперва с ножек,на которых уже колено

jusMISSundaztood 5 years ago

her n her studio is like an astronaut in a space shuttle...
you know she gunna make history and make a difference in peoples lives, one step at a time
-"Burn this f***er down!"

-"Burn this f*cker down!"

f*** Pangea (dont ask)

Spreading P!nkianity
*P!nk's Feisty Hoe*

Dmitry Ruseckiy 5 years ago

Сегодня вечером по своему времени отправляю свои 5 фоток. До Утра. Русский парень.

Мисс Мурр! Пологаю в США позабыли единственный естественный способ выведения TATOO, он выводит даже шлаки из организма, а Русский парень в отличии от амереканских помнит его и рекомендует тебе начинать прибегать к нему сперва с ножек,на которых уже колено

pink_suzyQ 5 years ago


pink_suzyQ 5 years ago
alexutza169 6 years ago

the best singer ever! xoxo

pinkisawsum 6 years ago

lyk im not a lesbian or anythin but she looks soooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!
its like the soft side that has a lot of meaning!!

LotsaLovee Jordyy xoxo

tammyvirgo 6 years ago are so friggen hot. I think you need to come to Vancouver, then hang out with the lesbians at a lesbian bar! I'll be there! Oh how I'd love to turn you to my side....that is if you aren't already there Eye-wink

biggestpinkfan111 6 years ago

I love her!!

Yeah I talk sh*t, just deal with it

kelle beii 6 years ago

this foto shows a lot of meaning,u can see it in her eyes.... 6 years ago

this picture is just have so much class when they in black n white.. Laughing out loud

Deb Von K 6 years ago

Wowsers! P!nk is super sexy but you know she'd kick your butt if you step outta line !

Deb Von K aka Mrs P!nk

despé 6 years ago

She 's the best ! I'm a French woman and i'm so crazy about her !!
Magic person !

I just love Pink !

DieHardPINK-x 6 years ago

Yes Yes Very nice photo, but why can't i view other official photos of pink anymore, and not some "look alikes" that don't even look like her :@

NovaCarrie 6 years ago

Elle est vraiment belle cette photo ! whaou !
Ca dégage...
Hâte d'entendre le CD...

Dido23 6 years ago

ur not the most beautiful woman on earth, but u have defenitely taken over my heart.
it's like i know this girl 4 close 2 me...every song she sings talks about me...
she's so natural and down-to-earth...i love her and i can't get enough of her!!!
i wonder what she was singing!

sonyjonathan 6 years ago

b**** i want your hair!! Sticking out tongue
love your individuality the most
im waiting for you to write a book would be cool to see what you have so say (something longer than 3 mins worth), although ive learnt heaps from your work already
thanks for giving me someone to look up to Smiling
keep rock'n it gurl
p.s can you fit New Zealand into you next tour?...please!!?its a tiny little country of 4mil..but im sure youll make at least 1mil happy to see you rock'n it out!!

badgirl01 6 years ago

what can i say im leftd speechless

"if god is a dj than life is a dance floor"

"if god is a dj than life is a dance floor"

soccer_fool_2003 6 years ago

I would love to know who took these photographs of Pink in the studio, they are absolutely amazing. Everything about it is beautiful bit her expression is what really captures the picture. Love them.

Tup 6 years ago

She is just so naturally beautiful

Bwabe 6 years ago

What a stunner of a photo,i think that it captures the real P!NK in doing what she does best, recording music that we as fans love... You are one amazing and talented women,this is an amazing photo of you...WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

niki626alv 6 years ago




Halo everyvone,I have only one reason here to be,I am fan from Pink,.i like to meet people from all off the world.

Lotte 6 years ago

I'm completely in love with your new single (and you) and this picture is so much more then beautiful!

KathyO 6 years ago

What a fantastic song..... I have not laughed so much over a song in I don't know how long.... I had to pull over.....Thanks so much to you Pink.

I'm tired of all the mopey songs about love gone wrong.... you have taken the exact same attitude that I did when I left my husband.... I'm out there having the best fun of my life. Thanks for giving the best time of my life its soundtrack.

Take care girl, have a blast!!!

pinkfanalways 6 years ago

The new song its really fun and nice ..and gorgeous..i dont have words ..when i listen So what y said: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL...By God! could not expect less than P!nk ....really made me happy ...xoxoxoxoxo....Pink on top!

We have to listen now!

georgia 6 years ago

wowowowow! im so happy theres a new album ! the pic looks awsome
cant wait tile you tour make sure u come to sydney, australia
♥cant wait♥

girltrippin 6 years ago

hey pink

THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO much for ur music! my girlfriend and i are both going through marriage break ups and if it wasnt for your music (and each other) we wouldnt have pulled through like we have!! and as for the new song hhahahaha its fantastic can not wait for the ablum!! bring it on!! or for you to come back to australia on tour! i saw you twice in brisbane last time! think i might go to every show this time hahaha. cheers love you xxxxxxxxxx

antonia 6 years ago

i carnt wait for the new album its going to be fab i no she never lets us down a true lady she is sexy toooooo.waiting for new single to be release hurry pleasesssssssss keep it up pink ur fantasic . im ur greatis fan pink love u xxx

charlee 6 years ago

yo p!nk
i really love this pic man it's gorgeous (h)
and i really can't wait for your next singleand albummm


clubchris 6 years ago

What a Hot pic! lol Can't wait for the new album! Am counting the days! lol Hope u come back to Belfast and maybe i mite get to meet you again! I can only hope!

Well take it easy and good luck with the new album, not that you should need it! Smiling


elainescottie 6 years ago

Hey Pink

Can't wait to hear the new album, coz the last one is worn out from overplaying it!!

Saw yah in Cork at the start of July, and got to meet yah at the hotel afterwards. I was the one who sent you over a glass of wine, and then caught up with you in the lobby on your way upstairs, hoping to get my photo taken with yah. You declined, probably coz you were fed up with getting your photo taken by that stage. But thanks for the autograph, and for calling me "Elaine.. f***er", I know you meant it lovingly hahaha, and thanks for the big hug, it was better than any photo could have been.

I uploaded a photo I took of Spanky and Clare, they were so nice. Hope you are doing well, and can't wait until you come back to Ireland again.

Lotsaluv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

lozzy970 6 years ago

You look amazing my gorgeous pinky Laughing out loud
i'm soooo excited about your new album Smiling
im counting the days down Smiling
Love you forever and always <3

pink0286 6 years ago

so glad to hear about the new album coming out. i can't wait. i'm sure it will be as amazing as all her other ones. love the pic. hope she comes back to belfast again. xx

mokky993 6 years ago

Hy fatmama:D
Nice pic;) I can't wait for the new album:D

Me and Petra:)Smiling

JamieleeMcs 6 years ago

lovely pic =D x

Jamielee <3 x


Slinky 6 years ago

Can't wait for the new album.
You look amazing in the pic, but something looks so sad in your eyes.
x x x

RockaBaby07 6 years ago

counting the days!!!
new album means new tour and that´s what it´s all about ..... seeing her live on stage!!!!!
rock on!
until we meet again! my darling! who knew!

yeah i talk s*** just deal with it!

_Dutchie_ 6 years ago

i CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR HER NEW ALBUM Laughing out loud

I’m still a rock star!! I got my rock moves and i don’t need you!!

Shadz-Luvs-Pink 6 years ago

Gorgeous picture p!nk.Cant wait 4 de new album!!!wooooooooooo!!!!!Laughing out loud:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D



marincy 6 years ago

Beautiful and new album- just perfect:)

STAR 6 years ago

Absoloutly stunning, pure beauty... Im going crazy waiting for your new album, although I know it will be worth the wait Smiling xxxxxxxx

MizzLadyDelish 6 years ago

gorgeous, stunning, beautiful, pretty, relaxed, sexy, perfect, OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! ur stunnig ur brilliannt, and I LOVE YOU, cant wait for your new album YOU ARE MY STRENGTH! xxxxxxx
Babs! xxx

Babs! xxx

PinkChick 6 years ago

Thats an amazing pic..i Love it!

MiSs.P x x x <3
EmBrAcE ThE FrEaK YoU ArE....

MiSs.P x x x <3
EmBrAcE ThE FrEaK YoU ArE....

alocin 6 years ago

Hey beautiful,
Great to see some new pics of ya working on the album, i can't wait til its released am sure it'll blow me away like 'em all! Am still high from seeing you in Cork couple weeks ago............... ah the memories will keep me going til the new album comes out................. but then you know you have to come back and play your new stuff for me............. i'll be waiting!
As always gorgeous, lovin' you lovin' your work, rock on my gold dust woman! x

mooreplease 6 years ago



maryberry 6 years ago

yay!!! new album, awesome! gonna buy it as soon as it comes on stores! can't wait!

If you think I'm smart, then you must be out of your mind!

“Pleasure for pleasure’s sake is not a guilty sin.”

pinkfanalways 6 years ago

this means only one thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......i cant wait !!!! new cd !!!!! yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

giggz 6 years ago

Yaayyyy!!! OMG can't wait to hear what she's recording! As usual its gonna be so crazy and geniously assembled together! SiMply P!NK... L♥ve her!!!

kor-cor 6 years ago

She is so genuine! I love her!
Oh and extremely beautiful!
xx kor-cor

xx kor-cor