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peterpan 3 years ago

Questa foto è bellissima......non ci sono altre parole.

Conrad1981 3 years ago

One of the most talented , gifted and most sensual woman on the planet, for sure.
I would leave my wife for this woman Smiling LOL!

malisajo 4 years ago

you are such a bueatiful women and very talented there are so many girls that look up to you and it is good for them to see you are so confadent and real.I love all your music my kids tell me mom your to old to like Pink i tell them oh no im not im alive aint i, so keep up the fabulis work and never give up .
I am the mother of 6 children ,24,23,21,19,15 and 13 .3 boys and 3 girls . and they all love you to.

cristiana reis 4 years ago

Beatiful, I love P!NK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love my life, my children, Mariana and Nelson, Steven Tyler and of course P!NK!!!!

Connie Jensen 4 years ago

I shall have this hair very soon, its so f***ing nice!!! And P!nk, you are so pretty! Love you;)

Dmitry Ruseckiy 4 years ago

Да нет детка, рановато у Вас Обама научился читать русские предложения без запятых, евреии дольше учились. Но опасаюсь что научились, только на арабском читать без запяТых...)))

Мисс Мурр! Пологаю в США позабыли единственный естественный способ выведения TATOO, он выводит даже шлаки из организма, а Русский парень в отличии от амереканских помнит его и рекомендует тебе начинать прибегать к нему сперва с ножек,на которых уже колено

Devils little Angel 4 years ago

Love this.............Growlz*


beckyy babyy 4 years ago

i really like this photo pink looks cool loven the hair and the ring haha Smiling

Dmitry Ruseckiy 4 years ago

Мисс, позволь в день физкультурника России, восхититься что когда женщина способна обдумывать, улыбаться, делая предложение это уже не певица, не исполнительница поп музыки, это уже более. При возможности с удовольствием предложил бы тебе вакантное место у своих друзей.

Мисс Мурр! Пологаю в США позабыли единственный естественный способ выведения TATOO, он выводит даже шлаки из организма, а Русский парень в отличии от амереканских помнит его и рекомендует тебе начинать прибегать к нему сперва с ножек,на которых уже колено

karma23 4 years ago

wonderful you are magnificent pretty your eyes,lips,nose everything is perfect in you pink you are the most beautiful women in this planet and all the universe.i love you and i love your stile. i wanna give you my heart make whit them anything you want. your forever friend karma23

Cantervill 4 years ago

La mejor, la más hermosa.
La mujer perfecta, bella y talentosa.
Argentina te espera con los brazos abiertos.

Anamelia 4 years ago




VLemos 4 years ago

Damn.. Your eyes *.* so cute!! Laughing out loud
Your smile so gorgeous!!


I'm love whit you *.*

you're amazing Laughing out loud

I Love you more and more each day Laughing out loud:D:D

Thanks for all your musics!


Dmitry Ruseckiy 5 years ago

Ну не Умею Я не отреагировать на Великое искушени. Ну с твоими TATOO мы (фанны) разобрались, А что Прикажешь думать о Турецких украшениях на руке с TATOO?
Берегу свой Английских,какая-то тайна неразгаданная для тебя остаться должна.

Мисс Мурр! Пологаю в США позабыли единственный естественный способ выведения TATOO, он выводит даже шлаки из организма, а Русский парень в отличии от амереканских помнит его и рекомендует тебе начинать прибегать к нему сперва с ножек,на которых уже колено

turkishrider 5 years ago

You are so Beautiful.

Ride to live - Live to ride

Ride to live - Live to ride

Dianitapink 5 years ago

You are Beatifull
Please Come to Colombia...

Carl027 5 years ago

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missebabe13 5 years ago
Pheobehall85 5 years ago

I love the ring!



aalleexx 5 years ago

Pink is so beautiful..

edy 5 years ago

pink! sos una masa querida!! como me gustarìa conocerte.. sos mi mayor fuente de inspiraciòn.


Hampendudle 5 years ago

Her smile is so sweet. I am just in love whit it, sweet Pink.)

possdaly 5 years ago

aww pink you look so cheeky in this photo i just wanna hug you!
I love your music - it helps me a lot - i can relate to it lots and your music is my pillar of strength


pink_wooo141092 5 years ago

i love this pic it is so nice
i heard that ur bungey broke the other day in ur concert
u cant hurt urself ok coz im seeing u in august in brisbane

pleeeeaase don't hurt urself lol
my dad knows a guy that knows u pink
it would be so awesome to meet u

anyway i think u r awesome hehehe
and ur music is the best ever

JORDY Smiling

tmc79 5 years ago

What more can one say, other than sheer beauty.

Casey loves you 5 years ago

Damn! i remember when i first saw a music video from you. i was in the 6th grade and i fell in love! lol.
Youre one of the reasons i'm a lesbian. for sure.
but you probobly hear that alot from thousands of girls.

ename1 5 years ago

Devilishly clasic!! Oh, what goes on in that pretty PINK head of yours!!

sarah1991 5 years ago

i love this picture of pink. shes so gorgeous.
you are stunnin!!

loveyoulots x

sarah morgan x

shorty69 6 years ago

Gorgeous inside and out!

PINK is one Amazing Woman!!!

nessyness 6 years ago

dear P!nk,
I am from victoria, australia (the bushfires came about 20 minutes from my house!) would just love to say a HUGE thankyou for you show of support and sympathy to all those who suffered so very much in the devastating fires that have ravaged our beautiful state. You are so very amazing, not only in your songs and your beauty but also your actions. Thankyou so very much!
I have all of your albums plus hours of music video's, interviews and pics. I am coming to see you in July AND August when you come out to australia later this year... I cant wait!
I think you are such an amazing role model for all women, young and old (My aunty who is in her 50's is coming to see you in August with me!) I only have a son at the moment (who, by the way, will only lay still to get his diaper changed, if your "So What" film clip is playing! He has GREAT taste in women already!! lol) but if I ever have a daughter, i can only hope she chooses you as her role model. I love your sense of humour, strength, honesty, spunk and attitude. I think you are so ace and would love to meet you! By the way, I love your laugh, it is so contagious, it makes me laugh too! It's great whenever I feel down to hear that giggle! By the way, one of my favorite movies is also "Steel Magnolias".... "If you havent got anything nice to say, come sit by me....." LOL
Live long, stay strong and be happy.
P!nk 4 president of the world!!! you have my vote!
Love always,

tags 6 years ago

Don't change anything about you. LOVE YA, PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pink, You are the greatest artist alive. No one compares to you. - Roben

mitch657 6 years ago

i never see a smile so beautiful . you are a angel pink don t ever change Smiling

Tia_Harvey 6 years ago

she is so pretty and keeps in good shape

BRO, chill out life is wonderful

pink-surferita 6 years ago

i absolutely love this picture!!! it's soooo her!! just gorgeous


daveyjo11 6 years ago

Classy & Hot! You Rock my world P!nk.
Love Ya

Anoniem 6 years ago

This is one of my favourite pics. I don't know why...just gorgeous!

I'd rather bleed with cuts of love, than live without any scars.

geeml 6 years ago

you looking amazing in this photo, tres sexy!

Emily Williams 6 years ago

this photo is unbelievable.. its so pretty..
your smile is beautiful


Alicia_Marie_100 6 years ago

Wow. I don't even know how to compliment this photo. It is Amazing. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Pretty. Awesome. And everything that you are. I love it. :]

demi gale 6 years ago

pink we love you always


vane-arg 6 years ago

You are perfect girl!!! SO BEAUTIFUL with an AMAZING VOICE!!!!!!!!! and your personality!!!!! i think you are a really nice girl i hope comprobar this for my self!!!!
PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! i wish to meet you!!!!!! and you have too much fans here!!!!!!!!!!

pinkisawsum 6 years ago

i know ive already commented on this but i cant help it!
its just gorgeous!
the smile and the eyes!!
pink your sooooooo pretty!!!!
im jealous!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
everything about u is great!
especially your voice!!!!!!!!

LotsaLovee Jordyy xoxo

Joyfeline 6 years ago

I love this photo, so beautiful and hot. You go girl! And I like the star ring you have, pretty cool. Hope you come to the U.S. soon to tour, I can't wait to see ya, darling.
Love ya


Turtle_neck27 6 years ago

MOST BEAUTIFAL picture of you darl....

Greentree Frog =)

Ullelele 6 years ago

hello too everybody
i am from Germany and not so good in englisch...excuse me for my grammer and vocabulary
i would only say that this is the graetest picture of you (p!nk) that i´ve ever seen.
i am a fan from you like your first single, with pink hair.
now i´m so happy to see you in hamburg in april...
so have a nice day who ever read this

Ullelele 6 years ago
Naia 6 years ago

My english is not so good so sorry for mistakes!!!
Dear Pink!
Hope you do do a lot of GREAT CDs...
All your music are fantastic...

I wish you all good in the future...
Dont forget Slovenia...

I hope i will see your concert in Munchen in april...

Love ya the most <3 <3

dale-53 6 years ago

my new favourite PINK pic. is there anyone sexier in the music industry ? ? ? ?


pinkisawsum 6 years ago

P!NK i think you look sooooo pretty here. i cant wait until june nxt yr im going to your concert and i am actually going to see you!! P!NK YOU ROCK

LotsaLovee Jordyy xoxo

anitamdq89 6 years ago

you're the best singer pink!
wonderful photo

please come to argentina!!