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bomapop 39 weeks ago

The information and the detail were just perfect.

kevinvop 39 weeks ago

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Tingler 2 years ago

Other than Queen-I have never heard anyone perform Bohemian Rhapsody in the way you do. I am a huge Queen fan and must say I was immensely impressed with your rendition of this classic track

saraking80 4 years ago

Great style - not everyone can pull off that kind of look - keep them coming girl!
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simonwallis 4 years ago


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student32 4 years ago

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Jing Li 4 years ago

I like the style. She looks nice to me.

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alysemackie 4 years ago

Alecia Beth Moore better known by her stage name Pink is an American contralto singer-songwriter, musician, acrobat, dancer and actress, who rose to fame in early 2000. She released her first single "There You Go", on her first album.



brader 4 years ago

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ooohlala 4 years ago

i have been on her concert in germany and it was sooooooooo incredible,this is a moment i will never forget,you all have to see a concert of her! Shes so hot. Just love her!

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chris251984 4 years ago

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lootscollector 4 years ago

Oooooooh! She is so hot.
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leobroces 4 years ago

I like the style. She looks very gorgeous!

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full of hope mel 4 years ago

Only you could look great in this kind of outfit! One of the reasons I like you so much, your not afraid to be different. I admire that!

full of hope mel 4 years ago
duken 4 years ago

awesome outfit pink, and what song are you singing on the pic? love you style, always....
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sioni 4 years ago

Hi Pink,

I love you so much! You are such an awesome person kisses to you!

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all4pink86 4 years ago

I would pay to watch pink over and over again, i have never seen a performance like it. she is unique and one of a kind. AMAZING..... AWESOME.

Tasjavw 4 years ago

I love this costume!! i saw pink yesterday in other great costums but i like this one as well hot!!

adianez 4 years ago

omg! shes so pretty shes the girl of my dreams 4 real im in love with her shes my everything i kant be without her........... i love u soooooooooooooooooo much p!nk u r my everything im so serious!! =D

<3 p!nk <3

Grey1 4 years ago

İ think freddy mercury would be very happy if he saw pink like this , maybe he is seen her eyy ...

belen 4 years ago

para cuando en arg !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sad


rudeyz 4 years ago


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adiw 4 years ago

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connie simmons 4 years ago

pink please come 2 ohio , i wear out ur cd"s i need something new , come on pink use ur talent that god gave u .get ur ass in the studio please . love ohio valley

JuanaMet 4 years ago

Thank you. If I were her, I would not care at all cause that is what I enjoy doing, lol.. Bolton carpet cleaning

pagerank 4 years ago

I say this is funcy Smiling

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sedge10 4 years ago

how hot does she look here??



anily157 4 years ago

i have seen her in this costume
i have been on her concert in germany and it was sooooooooo incredible
this is a moment i will never forget
you all have to see a concert of her!!!!!!!!!

emarkets 4 years ago

You are just perfect, no ordinary but also not weird. So talented in what you are doing but also so low profile. Really my best singer around!

Sonya100k 4 years ago

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meditate 4 years ago

Hey pink, seem slike you have a tight schedule this year. Don’tforget to take good care and enjoy your days! Meditation CD

sharron987 4 years ago

Doesn't she Look Hot in anything??

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sad14 4 years ago

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sinboy32 4 years ago

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ahamidz 4 years ago

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pagerank 4 years ago

nice suit! great concert

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arykashmir 4 years ago

one word. This is amazing. Wow!!!

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LinDola 4 years ago

Semplicemente FaNtAsTiCa!!!!!! I love u p!nk

P!nk, you're just crazy....
........and I love it!!!..........

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coolmathg 4 years ago

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Dorin88 4 years ago

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jhonsambians 4 years ago

nice pink style
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