Stupid Girls

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FionnaLaHumana 1 year ago

P!nk is best!!Smiling

karo45 2 years ago

This is my favorite video and the song is soooo true!! Pink always tells it like it is.You rock Pink!! Hope the baby is doing well-

fran_lucas 3 years ago

Ha, Ha, Ha! I love it! Such a parody but so true! And P!ink is so beautiful, when she makes fun of beauty it is hilarious! She obviously sees this first hand in L.A. I used to live there and saw this stupidity daily. Keep it up P!ink.

2nicole18 3 years ago

Its such a good song and its compleatly true.You see all of the hot guys fall for the girls who hide who they realy are just to impress guys.

jAcKiEr 3 years ago

omg soooooooo true,how the only way a girl can feel "pretty" or get attention is to do all those stupid plastic girl s*** and have giagantic boobies.haha nope, wrong!!and once again in her amazing words,P!NK proves that wrong,but "the world believes it".lol love this song and video Smiling :) Smiling


Big Trouble 3 years ago

Hay P!nk well i see what you did...So true!I think you are saying you know Stupid girls where did the smart people go?It looks like you are dresed like Lensy Lohan & Paris.It is so funny.