Track By Track - There You Go

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balarama 4 years ago

One day baby wombat saw the kangaroo's sharing a secret ,

She wanted to know what it was , but they bounded away ,

She asked her mother , but she didn't know . So baby wombat ran a fast as she could to ask her bushland friends .

She asked the platypus , paddling in the creek , She asked the Lyerbirds heading for a swim ,

She asked her spiky friend the echidna and she asked the Kookaburras if they knew the secret .

She asked the shy Koala , hiding in the tree's ( after a bar or two )

She even asked the very tall emu if he knew the secret , but nobody did,

Baby wombat sighed and scratched her soft5 fur with her claws ,

if she was going to know the secret , she would have to find the kangaroo'
and ask them herself .

She looked everywhere , even in old hollow logs at last she saw some big Kangaroos playing .

They told baby wombat where to find the secret ,

She crept quietly through the bush and found what she'd been lookinjg for ,

It was a baby wallaby ready to leave , its mothers pouch for the first time ,

" Hello " , said wombat , and they became the best of friends .

taken from " Wombats Secret "

by Rebecca Jonssom