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  • brisbanemum 5 years ago

    Thank you Alecia for your compassion. With so many family and friends lost huddled together in the inferno of one of our darkess days of history, we thank you for helping our country rebuild lives and communities. Our people have lost so much, yet every donation, prayer and thoughtful contribution goes further than any eye can see. It goes straight to our hearts, souls and strength.
    Thank you again Alecia. xxxxxx

  • brisbanemum 5 years ago

    Last time our dear P!nk came to Brisbane I had to make the ultimate sacrifice and send my hubby to her concert instead of me, as I needed to stay home and nurse our youngest son.

    This time around I pre-ordered tickets for the friday and saturday night that she will be here in brisvegas!!! Taking hubby Friday night seated, and then rockin out in standing with friends on the Saturday night! Oh why oh why is June so far away!!!! Any chance of a 'meet-and-greet' P!nk??? luv ya xxxx


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