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  • pinks drink 3 years ago

    Hey.. I cant attend...
    my ticket has gone to someone special
    to turn them on to PINK!
    I'll miss Ya!!
    Thanks though for your visit.
    Next Album...I wait and a new tour!
    You make me...believe...
    in LIFE!
    Pinks Drink!

    Pinks Drink!

  • Hey...a little late but DUBLIN....
    14 - 15 October 09!
    Fantastic vibe...cracking vocals!
    It was two nights of bliss, even the crowd seemed to move the Lady...herself!
    Friendly, happy..peaceful....
    all honest personal qualities exposed with a hell of a show.

    The "Cheese..ist" comment?
    Well, the audience appreciated a love of Dairy inspired foodstuff...
    and presented a smile onto the Lady...why?

    Because she created SMILES on the audience...
    I look forward to BELFAST-- Kings Hall!! June 2010.


    Pinks Drink!

  • Two Fantastic Cities.....
    Four Fantastic Shows!

    Just back from witnessing Pure Enjoyment....
    I caught two Shows in Dublin,Ireland and two shows in Manchester, UK....
    I only flagged the first Dublin show as an attendee....but to be honest,
    the four Funhouse shows weren't enough...
    I'm off to Dublin again in October....and possibily elsewhere...I hope!

    Dreams are made of this!

    the action, emotion and genuine desire to please was exceeded by this Lady.
    I had witnessed a round of even better than the IMND Tour....
    it was golf with birdies' or better.


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