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  • on P!nk
    Pink Haunter 3 years ago

    Great photo!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow this photo is f**kin' great!!!

    P!nk you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pink Panther

  • Pink Haunter 3 years ago

    A great album from an amazing and talented singer!!!!!

    My favorite tracks are U+ Ur Hand and I'm Not Dead, but I like all the tracks.

    In this album she shows that she has evolved as singer-songwriter.

    I'm Not Dead one my favorite albums.

    I also like Stupid Girls, Who Knew, Long Way To Happy and Conversations With My 13 Old Self.

    You are amazing!!!!

    You rock!!!!

    You will be a great mom.

    Best wishes for you and your husband.

    P!nk you are the best!!!!!

    Pink Panther

  • Pink Haunter 3 years ago

    This album is different from what you have done.

    It's not like Can't Take Me Home and M!ssundaztood.

    I like this album.

    My favorite tracks:

    God Is A DJ
    Last To Know
    Try Too Hard
    Humble Neighborhoods
    Waiting For Love
    Oh My God Featuring Peaches
    Tonight Is The Night

    Pink Panther