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  • virgo_9474 4 years ago

    Pink was simply breathtaking on Oprah - she is always a funny and interesting interview subject but her performance of "I Don't Believe You" was awesome!! She is really developing into a talented singer/songwriter/MUSICIAN - great to see her playing guitar! I hope the NFL execs saw it and hire her for the Super Bowl halftime show next year!!!

  • virgo_9474 4 years ago

    Cogratulations to Miss Pink - woohoo!!! I hope and pray the Grammy folks do not overlook the most amazing talented female singer alive today! Lady Gaga is an annoying, short-lived phenomenon and Taylor Swift has enough awards already. Pink has been riding the success of 'Funhouse" for over a year now and is still going strong! If this doesn't prove she deserves a Grammy then I don't know what does.

  • virgo_9474 4 years ago

    Yesssss! It's about time regular American fans (masses are asses) sit up and recognize Pink for her amazing talent. I immediately went on the website and cast my vote for her! Unfortunately I fear that freak Lady Gaga or some other worthless person will beat her out. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Pink! We love ya!


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