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  • Gemson 1 Jahr ago

    Travelling from Sheffield to Manchester on a Sunday afternoon, this was the fifth time I was to watch P!nk live and the first time I had my eight month old baby doll in tow and my partners Mum to babysit while we went down to MEN arena Manchester.
    It would be the fifth time standing and the first time I wasn't queing outside the arena door to try and get as close to the stage as possible.

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  • Gemson 4 Jahre ago

    Well I thought I was the only woman with Who knew on her wrist anywhos cool tattoo mine is from the song and also about my nephew Ethan interesting to know which wrist mine is on my Left and I live in the uk

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  • Gemson 5 Jahre ago

    wanted to see Pink at Hallam fm arena and Manchester..... why you not doing hallam lol Gemma xxx

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