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  • jo-asia 5 Jahre ago

    hi there guys.
    if there is anyone who wants to sell tickets for this gig i would be more than happy to buy back them from you. i want to see Pink so bad, but there are no more tickets left in sale, im a dumb ass and i didn't buy them when there was time to do that, so now i am begging you Smiling : if you have tickets for this gig please do conact me at asia(at)fejm.pl or asia.banasik@gmail.com (whichever you prefer) or by this account and i will for sure damn thing buy them from you! and i will pay much more for them than the original prize :>

  • jo-asia 5 Jahre ago

    now that the contest is over (tomorrow is finally nye), maybe someone will submit all the answers so that we who didnt win can chceck ours Smiling i think my are just fine, but i didnt win, so who knows. is anyone willing to do that? thank you in advance guys and have a great time tomorrow with P!nk in LV!!