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  • kates_mate 5 Jahre ago

    If you agree with the post above please go to the Forums, under Tell P!nk and add your voice to the Campaign for "It's All Your Fault" - Petition for P!nk. Together we can get this song on the set.

  • kates_mate 5 Jahre ago

    Please tell me that Wikipedia has it wrong. "It's All Your Fault" just has to be in the standard set list. It absolutely rocks!!!! Sure the drummer will get a bit tired but it'll be worth it.

    I will be jumping up and down in the front row of the mosh-pit 21st May with my best friend and then going nuts in front row seats 1st August with my 6yo daughter (no swearing that night please babe). We all agree that "It's All Your Fault" is the most rockin' song on the album.


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