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  • topsyturvy 3 Jahre ago

    Have seen a couple videos of the concert where it looks like you're goose stepping, the march of the Nazis. Why in the world would you want to do that as an American and half Jew?

  • topsyturvy 3 Jahre ago

    I'm in the states I went to ticketmaster UK in January to buy tickets for Portman Stadium. After I went through the order process including requesting ticket insurance, after they charged my card, I learned I could only get ticket insurance if I live in the UK and that the tickets could come up to a week before the concert. Of course I could not book a $1000 flight to the UK without an assurance that I'd have the tickets or they could cross me in route. A friend who works at Sony suggested I have the box office hold them, so I did.

  • topsyturvy 4 Jahre ago

    Over a month ago I ordered 3 tickets from ticketmaster for June 29, 2010 concert and my credit card was charged, and got an email saying they were being sent, and then when I checked status after a few weeks they said they weren't shipped. Has anyone else had a problem getting these tickets in advance? With all the issues with Ticketmaster and Springsteen tickets hope Pink doesn't end up with the same trouble!


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