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  • bethan 4 años ago

    i think a blog about pink being on twitter as @aleciabethmoore should be posted as she wants 500,000 fans by next week!!!!!!!! cumooonnn- twitter.com/aleciabethmoore

    do it do it do it!!!

    oh an every1 who has commented- there should be more tour dates added for the US- she's jus looking how these will sell first and then make more dates!!!!!!!


  • bethan 5 años ago

    im so excited, i know its ages away... but i canrt wait. its my first eva concert, let alone pink concert- which just makes it that much more special! ive always wanted to go to pinks concert but just couldnt travel to the venues before- but know i can drive.... so wooop cant wait- im going to see the best artist eva- she is a living ledgend.... omg i am going to be in the same room as pink, i feel so special- she is amazing- just amazing. i cant wait!!!!! oh and ive got standing tix, and am guna try and get to the front even if i have to punch people out lolol.


  • bethan 5 años ago

    so even though u aiont cuming 2 caerdydd, i cant miss out on watching the best eva performer live now can i ... see u in birmingham on the 30th oct... love ya miss pink


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you used to send me flowers if youd fucked up in my dreams but know you roll your eyes and walk away and shake your head!!!

we hate too fast and we love too slow, London i think weve got a problem / how did you know to get out of a world so bad!!!

you cant take me for a ride, im not a fool now, so youd better run and hide!!!

my lifes a fantasy, you can try and try you cant beat me!!!

All of the songs from all the albums are totally amazing though... but these really stood out for me!!!

From: “mean... ava mary a...trouble... coz i can”