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  • ukchick 3 años ago

    What a great picture, love the grin on her face........such a happy bunny when performing live!

  • ukchick 4 años ago

    OMG! Watched the performance online with my fella, who has never been to a P!nk gig and he thought the whole thing was pretty amazing and like me thought that the standing ovation was well deserved!!

    I can't believe that people are still trying to put down the performance by saying that she was lip syncing (Sorry if i spelt it wrong been on the wine hee hee) Here in the UK we have known about our girls abilities for quite some time and the USA are 10yrs behind and are feeling a bit dumb right now at not knowing what was on there doorstep!!!

    Keep it up P!nk music needs you xxx

  • ukchick 4 años ago

    You've been pouring your heart and soul into the album and been on tour for nearly 2 years, puting on one hell of a show and it would be fantastic for you to win both the grammy's, you deserve to be recognised for your talent and for your hard work, lets hope the powers that be have seen you live and make sure you win!


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