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  • ImNotMostGirls 4 an ago

    wow! definitely one of the best lookalikes on here ... lucky girl! impressive!

  • ImNotMostGirls 4 an ago

    thanku all for the sweet comments ...

    was so cool to meet people last week at the concert, friday night, in brissy, that recognised me from my tattoo ...

    what a brilliant show!!! i wish i could afford to go to every show! cant wait to see her again, july 22, and cant wait for the dvd lol!!! am on my 3rd copy of "im not dead" have worn it out ... hahaha!!

  • ImNotMostGirls 4 an ago

    i thought i should explain the meaning of the tattoo ... obviously the words are the lyrics from "im not dead" ... the initials L K under her name, are for my dear friend, Levi Kereama, who was on Australian Idol, an awesome talented singer, gorgeous man and a real sweetheart ... he tragically passed away October 4, 2008, after falling from a hotel balcony ...

    he's not dead, just floating ... always around and forever in my heart ... RIP - love you Levi xox


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