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  • balarama 1 év ago

    heah c***

  • balarama 2 év ago

    Vetch was an Altan , day after he heaved heavy leather water buckets under the pitless glare of the sun , buckets far too heavy for his slihght nearly starved young frame , vetch was tied to the land not to his Tian master , but his treatment was even worse than that of a slave , for a slave would be valued as property and shielded from extreme abuse by that value , vetch was only worth the work that his master beat out of him week after blistering week , month after grueling month ,

    What a fool Vetch was , like work hard and smash Tian . ,,

  • balarama 3 év ago

    One day baby wombat saw the kangaroo's sharing a secret ,

    She wanted to know what it was , but they bounded away ,

    She asked her mother , but she didn't know . So baby wombat ran a fast as she could to ask her bushland friends .

    She asked the platypus , paddling in the creek , She asked the Lyerbirds heading for a swim ,

    She asked her spiky friend the echidna and she asked the Kookaburras if they knew the secret .

    She asked the shy Koala , hiding in the tree's ( after a bar or two )

    She even asked the very tall emu if he knew the secret , but nobody did,


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