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  • Pink-is-hot666 5 év ago

    wooh!!! u rock pink love ur songs and love dis new song its da awesumest can't beleive ur gona bring out anotha album trust me i'll be the first to get it lol love u pink and hope ur comeing back to aussie plz plz plz stop at brissie and stop in to see me!!! lol and sing all ur awesum songs love yooh!! pink!!!!!! xoxox

  • Pink-is-hot666 5 év ago

    wats up dude im from aussie dunno if u know dat and how r u soo awesume??

  • Pink-is-hot666 5 év ago

    hey it is jessica here about carey yea i understand where your coming from and i will respect whatever you guys choose to do in your life and you are rite people should still respect carey aswell as you people shouldn't diss him for a little thing like that but wat eva you chose i will follow but if i was in that position i would be pretty annoyed at him but hey ur life lol anywayz wat eva u guys chose is u to u and im sure all ur fans will respect that as well as me byee now!!!


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