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  • Pink-is-hot666 5 év ago

    hey pink its jessica again lol see what i mean i can't get enough of you hahaha you like it lol any ways just wana say ur awesumest plz contact me on sexybeetz@hotmail.com and we'll chat and could you please come back and tour in Australia agin and this time i can go see you and maybe we can catch up afterwards lol probly not but hey its worth a try lol Huge inspiration to me aye ur da bestest!!!!!!!! hahaha i am so annoying aren't i hahaha anywayz have fun wit wateva ur doing rite know and i hope u get back to me so we can catch up love jessica

  • Pink-is-hot666 5 év ago

    hey pink i know u probably get heaps of fans and stuff but i one of your biggest by far, i am seriously hooked on you and your AWESOME singing i live in australia and i missed your concert over here because i didn't have any money because i wasn't working then and i'm really dissapointed i missed you but i hope you come here again soon (hint) lol! i love you pink!


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