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  • Claire_CZ 4 anni ago

    I hope your dream will come true one day Smiling because it is the best feeling ever.



  • Claire_CZ 4 anni ago

    it looks fantastic, I really love it Smiling


  • Claire_CZ 5 anni ago

    the link is WWW.SAZKATICKET.CZ and there is section "koncerty" but it is not available right now, they just didn´t start to sell the tickets and nobody knows anything, just check this website and hopefully it will appear very soon....the concert is in november so maybe I think it could appear in may or june, we will see...


Favorite Lyric

I am an opportunity and I knock so softly
Sometimes I get loud when I wish everybody'd just
get off me
Surrounded by familiar faces without names
None of them know me or want to share my pain

Nobody knows
Nobody knows the rhythem of my heart
The way I do when I'm lying in the dark
And the world is asleep
I think nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows but me

From: “Eventually and Nobody knows”
By: P!NK