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  • elainescottie 5 anni ago

    Hi Alecia

    I think you are just fantastic, and I'm dying to hear your new song.

    My question is ..... do you really think it is so bad for someone to give you something (say a glass of red wine) in the hope that they wil get something back from you (like a photograph to grace my Bebo and Facebook pages)???

  • elainescottie 5 anni ago

    This is such a gorgeous photo, really soft, warm, cozy and romantic looking

    I would think that you are dreaming while playing the piano, the way your head is tilted to the side, you are dreaming of falling effortlessly in love with someone while they sit rubbing your feet by a warm cozy fire, drinking red wine.

  • elainescottie 5 anni ago

    Hey Pink

    Can't wait to hear the new album, coz the last one is worn out from overplaying it!!


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