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  • Keri-_Pink_Rocks 5 anni ago

    P!nk's shoes are hott!


  • Keri-_Pink_Rocks 5 anni ago

    Haha, she looks like captin crunch with that hat on

    I LOVE IT !!!!!¡¡¡¡

    I am actually literaly in the middle of making my outfit for her concerts, I always make my own merchandise with the artist's name, album and songs on it.

    And then buy the real stuff when I get there!! It's looking good so far, not as good as the real deal though! LOL

    Xx keri

  • Keri-_Pink_Rocks 5 anni ago

    I an so excited for 29 days time, I mean the "I'm not dead" tour, inspired me, but funhouse!!!!!!!

    Is gonna be spectacular, both times I see her!!!!!!!!!

    Freakin' can't wait!!!!!