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  • LianneB1 5 anni ago

    for your comment, I didn't know anyone read these, but hey, there you go Eye-wink I tried looking for a really great photo of Pink, but there are so many and I wanted to use them all. In the end had to settle for a pic of me Sad

    Hopefully, when I go to the Funhouse concert, I might be able to get a pic of me and Pink - how awesome would it be to meet Pink and actually get my photo taken with her Laughing out loud I wouldn't stop grinning for a year and would probably drive everyone mad talking about it!!


  • It took me ages to get my pic uploaded - almost gave up, but got there in the end. Very strange it kept uploading a different one to the one I selected Puzzled

  • LianneB1 5 anni ago

    Great ink Eye-wink