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  • Pink Haunter 3 anni ago

    One of my favorites.

    M!ssundaztood is one of the best albums P!nk made.

    A great album from an amzing singer.

    My favorite tracks:

    Get Party Started
    Don't Let Me Get Me
    Just Like A Pill
    Family Portrait
    18 Wheeler
    Gone To California

    Don't Let Me Get Me is a song I feel so relate to it because, I used to don't like who I was so I wanted to be someone else.

    You rock!

    Pink Panther

  • Pink Haunter 3 anni ago

    A great debut album!

    Can't Take Me Home is the best debut album I ever bought.

    It's was a good start from someone who is a star now.

    I like all your albums.

    This one is so f**kin' great!!!

    My favorite tracks are:

    There You Go
    Is It Love
    Do What U Do
    Hell Wit Ya
    You Make Me Sick
    Split Personality

    I think you will be a great mom.

    Best wishes to you and your husband.

    You are amazing!

    I give this album 5 stars.

    Pink Panther

  • Pink Haunter 3 anni ago

    Funhouse one of P!nk's best albums.

    Once again she shows her talent as a singer-songwriter.

    Since I bought this album, I nver stop listening to it.

    I made a rank of my favorite songs:

    01.So What
    04.Bad Influence
    05.Glitter In The Air
    06.Ave Mary A
    07.One Foot Wrong

    I compare you with Janis Joplin, because you are so talented, you express your feelings in your songs and you are so into your music.

    Another great album.

    P!nk you are the best.

    Keep the great job!!!!

    Pink Panther