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  • Pink-is-hot666 5 anni ago

    pink all ur albums are very very sensational and heart pumping u r the best!!!!!!! and no1 else can top u no matter what they do ur the most inspirational down to earth person i have eva seen and wudd love to meet u and hav a chat i love ur pic for ur new album, i havent got it yet but i can guarantee its gona be gudd coz its u lolz but i do absolutely love ur song 'so what' it is the most funniest and awesumest song eva especially if u watch the video aswell i love the way u just smash the guitar lolz so awesum and ROCK ON!!!!!!

  • Pink-is-hot666 5 anni ago

    i love pinks photo's she is soooo hot in every pic she takes and i love it!!! but most of all i love her boxing pic and all her new 'so what' pics etc U ROK PINK!!!!!!! i love u

  • Pink-is-hot666 5 anni ago

    hey im jessica im 15 and OMG!!!!!!


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