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  • scootersmom 2 anni ago

    Well said, and very much heard...I vow to not purchase anything that Pink and Carey have not authorized...I beg everyone to hear this mothers plee. If we all love this family as much as we say..this is an easy task. Yes...Pink we respect you and love you. We thank you for the pictures you have given to us. From my heart I wish you and your family all the love, Joy and Happiness that can be found on this planet. May each day be filled with laughter and a wonderous love that only a child can bring. I am so happy for you and Carey!!!

  • scootersmom 3 anni ago

    May the heavens touch them all, during their time of loss, devestation, and pain.

  • scootersmom 3 anni ago

    Man! That show was SAD ! The only true performers were P!NK and Kid Rock. I have nothing for entertainers that are made in the studio and will not purchase a thing they sling out at us. I know P!NK can sing..and more than that...she does not try and copy someone elses sh**.!!!!!!! BRIANNA! Get out of the air...the talent up there is TOO MUCH for you to handle. When P!NK has had her child, and bursts back onto the scene (not rushing you!), LOOK the FU** OUT!!!!!!!!