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  • natalee 5 años ago

    My new years resolutions are:

    1) simply to enjoy life more, get the most enjoyment i can out of the year and live without constant worrying

    2) spread awareness off issues like self - harming so young people can hopefully feel able to talk about feelings and problems etc and be able to stop this

    3) try to get on with brothers and sisters

    and finally 4) change my eating and exercise habits

  • natalee 5 años ago

    its so unfair that we don't have this mag in England


Favorite Lyric

"Life is just a little part of what the world will do
To get it's point across it beats you ‘til you're black & blue
And decides just when you're in or when you're out
‘Cause when you're through you're through"

"And my friends have asked the question:
“Baby, will you be okay?”
I wanna tell them yes ‘cause I know that's what I should say
But I've got no crystal ball and I can't bring myself to lie
and why should I?"
From: “When We're Through”