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  • mkmills30 5 years ago

    Haven't listened on MTV's The Leak: Fox FM (radio station in Melbourne) played the whole CD today with P!nk chatting about each song, and it was awesome!! I told all of my work mates to leave me alone, plugged in my ear phones and just listened for an hour straight - it was incredible!!! I can't wait to buy it!!!

    P!nk you just keep getting better - you truly are AMAZING!!!!

  • mkmills30 5 years ago

    Hi Pink (do you prefer Alecia or Pink?)

    I just want to give you a bit of back ground before I ask my official question:
    I always enjoyed listening to your music on the radio but had never bought one of your CD's until I heard 'Who Knew". When I heard that song I felt as though you had taken a page out of my diary... I bought the "I'm not dead" CD the very next day, and discovered that I could personally relate to almost every song on it, I then got on-line and bought your earlier CDs too.


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