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  • girl anachronism 6 years ago

    hey kiddo, you messaged me ages ago. Never appolagise for yourself, DO YOU HEAR ME!! EVERY WOMAN CAN BE SEXY!! You have beautiful features all you need to do is highlight them. i was exactly like you at your age and now regret it. pretty girls are only as pretty as they beleive! At least once this week pretend you are as pretty as pink. you will see the difference in how people treat you. people love people who love themselvs.
    smile... makes people wonder what you've been doing:)

    smile... makes people wonder what you've been doing:)

  • Hello every One. I'm 21, ihave been since january!! legal to party the whole world over! Before i go out on the weekends i have a new prep song while i get ready, "cuz i can" by the one and only PINK! (used to be ACDC) PINK gets me in the mood! i look like a fool when i'm dancin but i have so much fun.who cares if you suck at what eva, we all live once and only once may as well have fun no matter what you look like. Party hard b****es!!!

  • Hello everyone. you all no doubt have herd the saying better safe than sorry, i want to tell you some of the things that were highlighted in a interview conducted by an awarness group with convicted rapists. first things thing these guys look for is an easy target, must be alone, lookin through your bag or playin with your phone so you won't see them coming another thing they want is for you not to fight back most of them said if the victim looks as if she will fight back they won't bother.


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They brand you with fire, Then push you into the sun. They want free land to expire, They want everyone to be numb....
From: “The beast”
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