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  • MicMc14 4 years ago

    Sorry to see you ain't so good. It's sad you were forced to cancel your first show in 2 years, but really the schedule is a long and hard one.
    It could be that your man returned home, and all your defences crumbled because I imagine he would offer a lot of support. A bit like getting a dreaded lurggy right before you go off on that planned overseas holiday.

  • MicMc14 4 years ago

    Waited since Oct to see you, and it will happen tomorrow nite. Have gold standing tickets, so please blast the roof off the Burswood Dome for this 45 yr old. You're my sister in star sign, and I would love to have been your older sis.

    Please try to fit in: "What's going on"

    You inspire and delight - my 10 yr old son would love to be at the concert, but it would blow his ear drums!!!

    Sorry 'bout the weather, but we're undercover - so go rock girl

  • G'day to P!nk, Band and Crew from everyone in Perth - Sorry about the weather, but hey global warming will mess up the seasons!!!
    Can't believe I've waited since Oct '08 for the 1st Oz concert tomorrow. It will be wild and crazy.
    Break a leg guyz, luv from one of your oldest fans - 45yrs old. I will be in the "Gold" standing area tomorrow nite.


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