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  • skittles 94 and... 4 years ago

    thats great,so what is a kick ass funny as hell song,tho i say that it should be number one most downloaded,cuz it be the best.

    one foot wrong and i'm gonna fall.

    kayla+larissa=happy,drug free,positive life....all that makes skittles happy and wild and ready for whatever life throws at me. i love you,girl! remember that...rock on sexy!i do care or i wouldnt kiss your ass and do whatever you.from,kayla.......kayla i

  • dear pink i look up to you as a role modele,because you are very talanted in many ways.you are the kick ass tom boy with edge,yet you are femenist and u stand up for what you believe in,you are thoughtful enough to donate to charity to help those who are less fortunate.these are all reason why i look up to you as a role modle and for the fact that you kicked your drug habbits when you was a teen so you could fulfill your dreams of beaing a rockstar,which you did and for that i will give you many congrats.i have tried to get involved with activities such as marshall arts,gymnastics,basketball,s